Beginning of Specialization Course: Java & Spring

Today marks the first day in the specialization course with The Iron Yard. I have chosen to join the Back-End team because it appealed to my analytical side and I loved how strict Java was in programming. However, I was close to choosing the Front-End because I enjoyed designing websites. Why did I choose to... Continue Reading →


Code Organization, Sequelize and PostgreSQL…and Huh?

Week 7 project, called Gabble turned out to be one of the most challenging and confusing projects I have encountered. The purpose of Gabble was to build a social network for students where it contains users, public messages, and likes. This required knowledge of forms, express, validation, session, middleware, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL. Why was it... Continue Reading →

Coding in Javascript Rants

This is going to be of a rant. Learning a programming language is going to be hard. It is not that I can't learn it. When I studied the materials on the fundamentals of Javascript such as functions, conditional flow, objects and arrays--I understood how it works. What threw me off is learning how to... Continue Reading →

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