After Mystery Word Game, Breathe Easy (a tiny bit)

I am very happy to report that I am done with the Mystery Word Game which is a week 5 project. I do have to admit that it was not easy to complete this. This weekly project required a lot of step by step process. That was something I failed to recognize until I sought help... Continue Reading →


Struggling With Mystery Word Game

The instructors weren't kidding when they said that this is a big weekly project (The Mystery Word Game) that we have to be very careful with our programming. The purpose this weekly project was to implement the game Mystery Word as a web application where the user will be playing against the computer. For this... Continue Reading →

Coding in Javascript Rants

This is going to be of a rant. Learning a programming language is going to be hard. It is not that I can't learn it. When I studied the materials on the fundamentals of Javascript such as functions, conditional flow, objects and arrays--I understood how it works. What threw me off is learning how to... Continue Reading →

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