Anaylzing with PostgresSQL

Yesterday's daily project was to analyze data with PostgreSQL using complex statements. First, we needed to download the sample dataset and import the data into our new database from Github that our instructor provided. Here was my first mistake--never click the "download" button on GitHub if the file size is more than 50mb. My browser... Continue Reading →


Work that Flexbox!

The last few days we've been working with CSS coding and learned the art of FlexBoxing the webpage. I will have to get this off my chest: Flexbox is┬ánot my to go to coding for web design. Perhaps I will use it strictly for navigation bar or perhaps an image gallery (although I think that... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Git and GitHub

Today is the first day of my coding boot camp, and so far it had been a fun challenge. The concept for today was to learn how to use Git and GitHub. As a prospecting developer, the instructors stressed the importance of learning how to traverse and read our file system within the computer. There... Continue Reading →

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