Coding in Javascript Rants

This is going to be of a rant. Learning a programming language is going to be hard. It is not that I can't learn it. When I studied the materials on the fundamentals of Javascript such as functions, conditional flow, objects and arrays--I understood how it works. What threw me off is learning how to... Continue Reading →


Work that Flexbox!

The last few days we've been working with CSS coding and learned the art of FlexBoxing the webpage. I will have to get this off my chest: Flexbox is not my to go to coding for web design. Perhaps I will use it strictly for navigation bar or perhaps an image gallery (although I think that... Continue Reading →

Messy Style in HTML & CSS

It looks like we'll be spending some time on learning the rope of HTML and CSS styling. I do admit that I have some prior knowledge of it--but it is a messy one. The best way to put it is that I never learned the etiquette of how to write/code web pages. What's even worse is... Continue Reading →

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