Lucky Lab Anyone?

Nearly two cups of ice cream (Cookie n' Cream anyone?), listening to Rod Steward songs and a dark screen filled with codes while my two years old daughter sleeps in her bedroom was definitely a gratifying way to end the day with. I've been working on a side project for a volunteer-run organization called Lucky... Continue Reading →


Code Organization, Sequelize and PostgreSQL…and Huh?

Week 7 project, called Gabble turned out to be one of the most challenging and confusing projects I have encountered. The purpose of Gabble was to build a social network for students where it contains users, public messages, and likes. This required knowledge of forms, express, validation, session, middleware, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL. Why was it... Continue Reading →

Coding Terminology

I am still doing some pre-work assignments provided by the Iron Yard. So far, it had been an easy ride until I hit some bumps. I'm noticing some various terms being used in the coding world that I've heard of but never really knew the meaning behind it. What is API? What is node.js? What... Continue Reading →

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