Here is the list of the projects I’ve worked on. Feel free to check them out.


  • ToDo List
    • Created a todo app where the list is stored in memory by using PostgreSQL (a database). The app is utilized with Sequelize, Node.JS, Express, Body-Parser, and API to produce a simple to-do app.
    • View Code | Deployed 
  • Bent Creek Ceramics
    • A week 1 project where a business website is built according to specifications, using HTML and CSS.
    • View Code | Deployed
  • Code Snippet Organizer
    • An organizer where codes added is organized according to their title, tags, and languages. The app allows users to update, add and delete the codes added into the database. It was created with MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, Express-Mustache, and Express-Session.
    • View Code | Deployed (unavailable)
  • iTune Music Search
    • A final project of the Front-End programming course where an app is built using API from iTune. A user can search for songs, albums, and artists and select a song to listen to. The app was built with API, HTML, and CSS.
    • View Code | Deployed
  • Mystery Word Game
    • One of the more challenging projects, the app was designed to allow a user to guess a letter for the mystery word that is hidden. It was created with Express, Mustache-Express, Express-Session and a code where it can compile a list of words from the local computer’s dictionary for use in the game.
    • View Code | Deployed (unavailable)
  • Mini Book Collection
    • A user can build a collection of books by adding, delete and updating the book. It was utilized with MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, Mustache-Express.
    • View Code | Deployed (unavailable)

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