Iron Yard and Accommodations

Iron Yard is proving to be a great coding boot camp to go to.

I had a meeting with the director and the two instructors to discuss more about my accommodations. While they couldn’t sponsor an interpreter for my needs, they still had a lot to offer that I was really excited about. I found out that they changed how they structure the classroom setting. Originally, it was going to be a three hour mandatory lecture time Monday to Friday in the mornings then after that it was lab time (in other word, hands on coding).

Now, the new program will have a lot more hands on coding–which is perfect for me. I am a visual learner and I learn by hands on experience. Yes, lecture is important and they will have that–but they decided to make that “lecture” time for us to read notes and watch videos at night before the next class day–where we can focus more on hands on experience and the instructors will be there to help when we are struggling.

The director and the instructors were very receptive to my needs. I explained that while they talk clearly and have a deep voice (I understand people better when they have deep voice as opposed to high-pitch voice), I always have trouble understanding a student who makes a comment or have questions. I often had to turn around and see what the student is asking or commenting about. Luckily, the director explained that this would be a perfect practice for the instructors by repeating what the student said and then clarify their explanation themselves. The instructors agreed wholeheartedly.

They even go as far to mention that they will also provide a 1 on 1 mentor on a weekly basis to make sure that I’m fully grasping the new concepts.

The three of them explained that they are excited to have someone like me begin the program with them–because it will give them the experience they needed and know what and how to accommodate the next round.

From what I’ve learned so far–this is going to have a lot of hands on experience which is exactly what I needed. I may not be able to get an interpreter but I knew I can make this work. This is very similar to math classes. There were times that I told my interpreter that I didn’t need them in my math class because there were so much writing involved and I usually get lucky to have an instructor who speaks clearly and have a deep voice. In a way–this is a lot like math class. You’ll have instructors do some lectures but they will show you the codes up on the screen so you can follow along.

I’m excited to start with the The Iron Yard next week on Monday!



Coding Terminology

I am still doing some pre-work assignments provided by the Iron Yard. So far, it had been an easy ride until I hit some bumps. I’m noticing some various terms being used in the coding world that I’ve heard of but never really knew the meaning behind it.

  • What is API?
  • What is node.js?
  • What is the difference between Java and Javascript?

Knowing how I am, I knew I would go crazy with the research on the three questions I had so far–but I will take it all in a stride. I eventually will understand what they are. After all, I studied and practiced how to do SQL–so, I knew I can figure this out.

Right now, I’m reading up on Atom, a text editor, recommended by Iron Yard. From what I’ve read–it seems like it would create a smooth ride for me to learn how to code using Atom while avoiding issues I could have had with other text editors like browser compatibility. On the plus side, it is open source!

Now…I’m going to learn how to install the Atom text editor and see where that gets me.

Learning to Code

It has been a few days since I started some pre-work assignment provided by the Iron Yard. The program hasn’t officially started but after a few read from pre-work assignments, I decided to follow through the tips I read.

I started a blog.

I will document my experience on learning how to code and become junior software developer or whatever title I may end up with.

My writing will be messy but it will serve as a way for me to learn how to code and look back on what I learned.

So, let’s get started, shall we?