Who is She?

Screenshot_20160930-202109Are you curious about me?

My name is Claudia Zeledon. I currently live in Charlotte, NC. Since learning how to program with HTML and CSS as a hobby in high school, it has grown into a passion in my adult life. I have always enjoyed problem-solving and bringing organization to chaos. Now that I am learning Java and Spring, I am excited to bring my creative mind with a touch of analytical side and a love of technology to solve the world’s problems.

Quick Facts:

  • Was born with the severe form of sensorineural hearing loss. Hearings aids allowed me to overcome my disability.
  • Enjoys riding off-road motocross dirt-bike as a hobby and has been doing it since the age of seven
  • Have three crazy dogs and an extremely docile snake
    • Sula (Black Betty is her middle name!) is a black lab who excels at frisbee
    • Chesty, a male golden lab, is like a bull in a china shop
    • Willy, a westie-mix who is full of all barks and no bite
    • Monty, a beautiful Banana ball python snake who is certainly a chilled dude
  • Graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Science just as my daughter turned one year old

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